Student Financial Services

Payment Options

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UCI no longer accepts prepayments for future terms or overpayments on student accounts. Please pay only the amount due on your student account.

  • Please realize that the university is not a bank. 
  • If a charge is not billed on your ZOT Account Online, payment should not be sent to the university.
  • The university will not accept and/or hold excess payments on the student's account that are intended for living or other personal expenses.
  • Payments for living or other personal expenses must be sent directly to the student.

E-Check Payments may be made by students or their guests from a U.S. checking or savings account in CashNet, UCI’s third-party online payment processor, accessed through ZOT Account Online. When you select “Make a Payment,” both your bank account and bank routing number are required. Please be advised that debit card numbers are not bank account numbers and should not be used for this method of payment.

Online payments are due by 5 P.M. on payment deadlines. A $5.00 or $25.00 fee is charged for returned ACH payments depending on the cause.
UCI accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards online only. These payments may be made by students or their guests in CASHNet, UCI’s third-party online processor, accessed through ZOT Account. A 2.75% non-refundable processing fee is charged by CASHNet on all debit/credit card transactions.

Online payments are due by 5 P.M. on payment deadlines. A $25.00 fee is charged for returned card payments.
Personal Checks, Cashier’s Checks, and Money Orders should be made payable to: “UC Regents,” issued in U.S. dollars, and drawn on, or payable through a U.S. bank.

Reference your UCI student ID number on the front of all items. Please remit payments to UCI Payment Services in-person during normal business hours or by mail. Mail-in payments must be received on or before deadlines to avoid late fees and possible disenrollment if paying for registration charges. UCI is not responsible for carrier delays and does not honor post-marked dates.

There is a $25.00 charge for items returned by your bank for any reason.
UCI Payment Services
228 Aldrich Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-1975
Cash must be paid in-person at the UCI Payment Services windows during normal business hours.
International student payments are only accepted through UCI's authorized wire service providers, Flywire and Convera GlobalPay.

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529/Prepaid College Plans are flexible, tax-advantaged accounts designed specifically for college savings. Once you request funds from your college plan provider, checks should be made payable to “UC Regents” (not the beneficiary) with the UCI student ID number referenced.

Please remit your payment to UCI Payment Services well in advance of the registration fee deadline to avoid late fees and disenrollment. Contact your plan administrator directly if you have specific questions about your plan.
UCI Payment Services
228 Aldrich Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-1975
Pay your quarterly registration fees in three monthly installments using the PACE Plan. A participation fee applies. Any requests to enroll in the PACE Plan after the fee deadline must be approved by Campus Billing and Collections. Please email your request to and a staff member will assist you with a PACE Plan if you are eligible.

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To learn about UCI's benefits available to veterans, please click here.
Students who have their registration fees paid by a third-party sponsor should refer to the Financial Aid Office for Undergraduate information or the Graduate Division for Graduate information.
Information regarding Financial Aid can be found at: