Student Financial Services

1098-T Tuition Statement

Section 1

UCI furnishes an IRS Form 1098-T (Tuition Statement) to every student who pays tuition or other transactions during the calendar year. You may receive a 1098-T even if you are no longer enrolled, or you are an international student. Forms are available electronically in mid-January.

You will receive an email notification from UCI when your 1098-T is ready to download.

Downloading Your 1098-T

Why is my 1098-T Not Available?

Typically a 1098-T is not available when these situations apply:

  • There were no tuition payments or related activity in your student account during the calendar year. WINTER quarter registration fees are due in December and reported for the tax year in which they are paid.
  • You participated in the UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) for every term you enrolled during the calendar year. UCEAP and UCI are separate tax-reporting entities.  UCEAP issues a 1098-T for the terms you were abroad.  Visit for instructions on obtaining a 1098-T issued by UCEAP.

Privacy and Releasing Information

If someone else claims you as a dependent, be sure to forward your 1098-T to that person. UCI cannot disclose 1098-T data to a parent, spouse, or tax preparer without your written permission.  Use the Financial Release form to authorize discussing your 1098-T with another person.

What is UCI’s Federal Identification Number?

When completing IRS Form 8863 to claim an education tax credit, you are required to enter information about UCI under Line 22. This information is provided on your 1098-T.  UCI's federal identification number is 95-2226406.

Contact Information

Questions about downloading your 1098-T via the Zot!Portal, and problems with UCINetIDs and passwords should be directed to the OIT Help Desk at or 949-824-2222. Questions about your tax form (e.g., “Why is the Box 1 figure different from my records?”) should be directed to the 1098-T Help Desk at