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1098-T Reporting Overview

Section 1

This page provides an overview of UCI’s 1098-T issuing process and describes methods for retrieving your tax form, when it is ready. UCI issues more than 50,000 IRS Forms 1098-T (Tuition Statements) annually by the end of January.  If you have consented to receive your 1098T electronically, you will be able to access your form online. If not, you will receive a paper form via the U.S. Postal Service.

If you are receiving your 1098T electronically, you are responsible for downloading your 1098-T, and for supplying the form to anyone who claims you as a dependent. UCI does not send 1098-Ts as e-mail attachments. Electronic 1098-T forms come as Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

1098-T Vendor and Courtesy Notification

UCI has outsourced the production and Customer Service Call Center for your 2018 IRS Form 1098-T to TAB SERVICES (TSC), a private company completely independent from UCI. In its capacity as UC’s official 1098-T vendor, TSC stores student tax data, creates and posts hard copy and electronic forms, and transmits reports to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

TSC uses personally identifying information provided by the University to create your account. TSC already has your name, SSN/ITIN, student ID number, and UCI e-mail address on file, so the system is not “phishing” or “scamming” to obtain the information.

When your 1098-T is generated, Campus Billing and Collections automatically sends a message from to your UCI e-mail address. The subject line is “Your 1098-T Tuition Statement for Education Tax Credits.”

The UCI message is merely a COURTESY NOTIFICATION, informing you that your 1098-T is ready to download.  No personalized content or attachments are included with the message. For a sample of the UCI courtesy notification on the web, see the Courtesy Notification page.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) tests the courtesy notification to be sure it is not flagged as spam by UCI’s e-mail servers.  If you want to receive this message, you also may need to configure the spam filter for your e-mail software to allow messages from

Accessing Your 1098-T Online

USE THE ZotPortal Method if you:

  • have an active UCINetID and password
  • want a 1098-T for tax years 2018, 2017, and/or 2016
  • don’t need additional 1098-Ts issued by other campuses or UCEAP

USE THE UCOP Method if you:

  • don’t have an active UCINetID and password
  • want to retrieve 1098-Ts for tax years prior to 2015
  • need additional 1098-T issued by other campuses or UCEAP

See the 1098-T Basics page for simple instructions on “How to access your 1098-T.”

ZotPortal Method For Retrieving Your 1098-T

The 1098-T app in the Zot!Portal provides a secure interface to TSC, so current students can retrieve forms while logged into the campus network.

You must have an active UCINetID and password to login at . For information on managing your UCINetID, see OIT’s web page at Third-party/parent access is not available; as the student, you must login to the portal to view the content.

The 1098-T app is located on the Student > Finances tab; however, you may move and customize the module as desired. The app layout consists of three tabs. Toggle among the tabs by clicking the Main, About, and Help headers.

Main tab: Once you log in, you will see the online consent form.  Read the Online Consent Form for the requirements and specifications.  If you agree, click on “I Consent”.  Once you consent, you will NOT be mailed a 1098-T and must return to the site after January 30, 2019 to view/print a copy of your 2018 Form 1098-T.  Your consent will apply to subsequent years.

Once your affirmative consent is on file, you can select from the drop-down menu box (next to “Tax Year”). It allows you to access 1098-Ts from the three most recent tax years. The default selection currently is 2018, with 2017 and 2016 as alternatives. UCI may not have issued a form to you for every year in the menu.

Choose the tax year and press Search. If a 1098-T exists for that tax year, then a personalized link with the words “Tax Form” will be displayed. Click on the link to access the 1098-T in a new browser tab. If a 1098-T is not available, then an error message will be displayed.

To safeguard your private information, avoid using public work stations to download or print your 1098-T.Be sure to logout of the portal and close the browser to prevent unauthorized access to your records. For more tips on protecting your data, visit .

UCOP Method for Retrieving Your 1098-T

The University of California Office of the President (UCOP) web site is a centralized source of 1098-T information for all UC students. Visit, and look under “What do I need to do?” for instructions on retrieving 1098-Ts at the vendor web site.

Contact Information

OIT is responsible for the security of UCI’s systems and Zot!Portal administration. Concerns about “spamming” or “phishing,” problems with UCINetIDs and passwords, or questions about portal functions should be directed to the Help Desk at or (949) 824-2222.