Student Financial Services


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A ZOT Late Charge will:

  • be charged if the total past due account balance is $20.00 or greater
  • be charged monthly for up to four months while your balance remains past due
  • prevent payment of registration fees, if the charge is left unpaid

A ZOT Late Charge will NOT:

  • be charged on registration fees
  • be charged on other late charges
  • exceed $80.00, or the amount of the past due balance, whichever is less

Contact:  Campus Billing Services at or (949) UCI-BILL (824-2455)

Housing Fees

Housing charges may be due at different times during the billing cycle, and each of those charges must be paid by its individual due date. For example, Verano Place charges are due on the 1st of each month, even though the ZOT Account billing period may end on the 15th. Unpaid Housing charges become delinquent 10 days after they are due.

Housing late fees may be assessed in your ZOT Account, as described in your Housing contract. For example, the late fee is $25.00 for Mesa Court and Middle Earth, or $10.00 for Arroyo Vista and Campus Village. An additional $25.00 fee, plus collection costs, may be levied if it becomes necessary to take further action due to late payments.

Contact:  Student Housing Accounts Counselor at or (949) 824-3333