Student Financial Services

Financial Holds

Section 1

Stop symbolA hold is a notation that is placed on your ZOTAccount to block campus services, including registration. Holds are listed in the Messages sections on the Current Account and Registration Fees pages in your ZOTAccount. You may have more than one hold on your account concurrently, and all must be cleared before access to your student records is restored.

You must take the appropriate action before a hold can be removed. For example, if a past-due charge places a Financial Hold, you must pay the charge in full to clear the hold. Most holds are released automatically (although overnight processing may be required). Some holds require you to contact the originating department for further instructions.

Types of Holds

Financial Hold

A Financial Hold results from not meeting your financial obligations. Past-due campus debts and defaulted payment plans are examples of items that generate this type of hold. If paying the ZOT Account Amount Due does not release the hold, you also may need to address a procedural issue. For example, you may be required to complete an exit interview for a campus-based loan.

A Financial Hold prevents payments and credits from applying to your registration fees. In ZOT Account, you can go to the Registration Fees page, click the UNAPPLIED link next to the aid for help with holds and conditions. If the hold is placed after your registration fees are paid, it blocks disbursement for the remainder of your aid.

The Cashier’s office refuses payments for important service fees while a Financial Hold is present. For example, your request for transcripts or a diploma may be denied because you did not pay a late charge. Payments for outstanding debts always are accepted and applied, even if they are not sufficient to clear a hold.

Contact:  Campus Billing Services at or (949) UCI-BILL (824-2455)

Financial Aid Hold

A Financial Aid Hold indicates that you have not completed a requirement for receiving aid. For example, a Financial Aid Hold for a first-time borrower could mean that you did not meet the entrance interview requirement for your loan. Login to My Aid, review e-mail notices, or contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for details and instructions.

As a result of the hold, financial aid credits may be blocked from applying to registration fees and other charges, or a disbursement may be withheld. If you do not have a Financial Hold in addition, you may pay your registration fees instead with available graduate support and/or your own funds to avoid late penalties.

Contact:  Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at or (949) 824-8262

Housing Hold

A Housing charge becomes delinquent if it remains unpaid 10 days after it is due (unless a written extension of the payment period is obtained in advance from Housing Administrative Services). A Housing Hold is placed in your ZOT Account when additional action is needed to collect the delinquent amount.

While a Housing Hold is in place, you may be denied services as provided by your contract. For example, a meal plan may be suspended for a Mesa Court or Middle Earth resident. A Housing Hold also may prevent you from paying registration fees or receiving financial aid, and block access to your transcripts and diploma.

Contact:  Student Housing Accounts Counseling at or (949) 824-3333

New Student Record "Hold"

The Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools (OARS) requires official documents (including transcripts and test scores) to verify the conditions of your admission to UCI. Review your freshman or transfer conditions in the MyAdmission portal and Message Center and promptly provide all requested documents.

If official documents are not received by the published deadlines, a “hold” may be placed on your application, or your admission offer may be withdrawn. A “hold” means no registration fees or financial aid can be posted to your ZOT Account, so no ZOTBill statements are generated. In addition, any classes in which you enrolled may be dropped.

Contact: Admissions and Relations with Schools at or (949) 824-6703