Student Financial Services


Section 1

Disenrollment - Overview


PACE is a payment plan that allows you to spread the costs of your registration fees over the quarter in three monthly installments. You must apply for a new PACE Plan Agreement each quarter and activate it by paying your entire first installment. A PACE activation payment must be received at the Central Cashier no later than the registration fee deadline.

The PACE payment plan is open to all students enrolled in a degree-granting program at UCI, who are in good financial standing (without past-due debts or other financial holds and no history of returned checks). PACE applies to full or part-time study, and to California residents or non-residents.

The PACE Plan Agreement is calculated on the amount of registration fees after deducting waivers, financial aid or graduate aid credits available at the time of activation, and includes a non-refundable participation fee. Financial aid or waivers credited to your ZOT Account after PACE activation will be applied first to your outstanding PACE balance, before disbursing the remainder to you.


Important information about the PACE Plan:

  • You must apply for PACE through your ZOT Account Online and must agree to abide by the PACE Terms and Conditions in order to participate in the program.
  • You will be provided with the amount that is eligible for PACE, your participation fee amount, and the amount of your first payment and other installments before you agree to the Terms and Conditions and select the “Apply” button.
  • Your PACE Payment Plan is not activated until you have made your payment for your first installment. You may cancel your PACE Payment Plan any time BEFORE making your first payment.
  • SPECIAL NOTE - Online Payments
    If you are paying electronically and have a past due balance outside your ZOT Bill (for example, a library fine that has been written off for collections) you must first pay the past due amount, before you can activate PACE in a separate electronic payment.

All installments must be paid by their due date to avoid late charges and possible disqualification from future PACE participation. Past due installments will prevent payment of registration fees for subsequent quarters, will place a hold on your student records, and may result in collection actions that include write-off and referral to a collection agency and possible litigation.